It’s Alive!

Great excite, everyone! After years of faffing about and procrastinating, I’ve finally gone and bought – something you are no doubt aware of as you’re already here – and intend to make it the loudribsiest outpost of all the internet.

And what does this mean for you, oh Bog Standard Punter?

Well, from now on, you’ll be able to buy all of my various tat from this website and any new content – be it Rubbish Seaside or whatever bollocks I’m up to – will also get posted up here. I haven’t quite decided what’s going to happen to the old loudribs wordpress site, but the chances are that I’m slowly going to start migrating all of the stuff that isn’t totally cringe-inducing over to this new, swanky platform that you’re currently cavorting about in. So stick around, Lemmings – big tings gowan for us here!

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