Jack Hurley is a guy who lives in Leeds and has been knocking about the internet for far too long. You may remember him from worthy endeavours/flaming trainwrecks such as Rubbish Seaside, Questionable Time, Misheard Lyrics Illustrated and the assorted bollocks he’s been up to along the way.

You should buy loads of his stuff because ultimately that’s the only way you’re going to stop him (although hiring him to make you pretty pictures or write fancy words is also a pretty good strategy). Failing that, you can follow him on Twitter or post him love letters here.

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  1. HOw much are your originals?

    1. Hi there and sorry for the tardy response – this comment got lost in the netherworld behind the site. Anyway, orginals. As I draw each design digitally, there really isn’t such a thing as an original beyond a really boring .psd file (although I suppose you could look at it as every single print being an original).

      Hope that makes sense!

  2. Need a poster for the isle of Wight! We’re almost Portsmouth and alarmingly close to Southampton. If you ever do one I’d buy it ? even better, Ryde, Sandown, Shanklin and ventnor also cowes( where West is best there’s east cowes too) that would make an excellent collection. Seriously love your “tat”?

    1. I agree. Can we please have the IOW. There’s so much to recommend. The 1950s style entertainment, the inbred locals, the red funnel ferry, the hoo-rah Henrys’ at Cowes week…. What’s not to love?

      1. One Day™️

  3. Where’s Southend-on-Sea??

    1. Just to the east of London – BOOM BOOM! Nah, I will do Sarfend at somepoint – just not sure when.

  4. Is this you

    Subject: “Um… before you go cutting people down… you should do a little more readin…”
    “Ahem… if you read his post… apparently he’s like me. I’m a weaponsmith, so I cant make all this cool armor with crazy set bonuses, but would like to be able to craft for people, and offer something descent besides a thorium armor set…

    So, a set like this is great because of the awesome stam bonuses, and very nice armor points, THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO BE AN ARMORSMITH TO CRAFT.

    From the bottom of my weaponsmith heart. Eat a rotten bowl of raw haggus for me.


    The scarbalarb”

    1. Erhm…This is not me.

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