If you’re a local or national media outlet that wish to generate a frothy lather of outrage at the ill-treatment of your particular locale (for which I am always game), please feel free to drop me a line at:

Here’s some proof of occasionally pitchfork wielding publications/websites/local radio stations in action – naturally, I’d prefer a ‘look at how wonderfully rendered and fabulously witty these posters are’ type approach but if pitchforks are what you want, then I’ll happily oblige.

The Guardian

The Guardian again (but on a bit of a downer)

The Metro

The Telegraph

The Brighton Argus


The Poke

The Grimsby Telegraph


The Northern Echo

The Great Yarmouth Mercury

The Torquay Herald Express

The Southport Visiter

The News (Portsmouth)

The Exmouth Journal

The Exmouth Journal (again – this time with added absurdity)

Devon Live

And let’s not forget this outburst of local radio at its local radioest…

And here’s a slightly less pitchforky approach: