Filey: Never By Choice – A4 Rubbish Seaside Print (Signed and Dated)


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BASED ON TRUE EVENTS: It’s a Friday night, mid-September, you are hungry and you are in Filey. You make your way to the chippy, only to find that it closed at 7pm.

7pm. On a Friday night.

Slowly, the awful reality of your predicament sinks in as you walk past the shop selling Wehrmacht militaria and CD’s of ‘Marching Anthems of the Waffen SS’. The terror mounts as you realise that despite the fact that you’re in your 40s, you appear to be the youngest person alive. Is this some sort of reverse Logan’s Run? How did end up here and more importantly, how do I get out? You can’t. The last train left hours ago and now you belong to this strange, claustraphobic place. Filey: Never by choice.



Printed on Really Very Sexy fancy pants archival paper, these signed and dated A4 prints are the perfect way to seek revenge on so many ruined summers.


Please note: These prints are unframed.

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