Exclusive SJ Bradley Short Story with Matching Loudribs Card


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Merry Christmas From The Thompsons

Delight, confuse and amuse your friends with this spoof ‘round-robin’ email and card from “The Thompsons.” Building on the tradition of sending a boastful letter of family news to all acquaintances and friends once a year, this colourful card & letter – a collaboration between Loudribs and prizewinning author SJ Bradley – will delight and confuse any pal you send it to in equal measure.

After being made redundant in Christmas 2019, Colin Thompson is overjoyed to find a new work-from-home job. The work is repetitive, and the company he does it for mysterious, but Colin pushes all his concerns to one side. All he wants is to give his wife and two teenage sons a good Christmas 2020. When Colin is invited to the works Christmas Party, at which attendance is mandatory, he’s hoping to leave after one glass of boxed wine. But Colin’s boss has other ideas….

If you’ve ever cringed at receiving somebody’s Christmas Round Robin letter, or found yourself at a painful works’ Christmas do, you will find something familiar and engaging about this tale of a Christmas Office Party going horribly wrong.

Buy one for yourself or send one to a friend. Letters can be addressed to the name of your choice when orders are fulfilled.


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