A Numbers Game 10oz Mug


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Was ist das? It’s only a bloody exclusive bit of artwork I did for RJ Dark’s A Number’s Game – an ace novel that I can only describe as ‘Scally Goth Council Estate Noir’.


The blurb runs as follows:


One dead man and a missing lottery ticket.
Two family members who need that money to get away from the rundown Blades Edge estate.
Three local gangsters who want that money for themselves.


But it’s really much more to it than that – think Elroy if he was really into snakebite and black, The Sisters of Mercy and lived on a grotty West Yorkshire estate. Honestly, I cannot recommend it enough.


Which that’s just as well really, seeing how RJ asked me to make a piece especially for the book and which you can now get your grubby hands on in mug form!


Seriously though, get amongst this book: It’s brill and I reckon we’ll be seeing an awful lot more of its protagonists.

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